RC FAQs: How To Glue Tires To Rims by Squirrel

Gluing your tires, without a mess, is something that is commonly learned over time. But, how do you do it where it is a one shot deal?

This is also helpful to the new entrant to RC where kits are now starting to pop up with rims but no tires. Which, can seem odd but it also allows tires that are customized to the track and course that you are running. I just received a Team Magic buggy that was this way and it is considered one of their entry to mid level kits.

The first part of assembling the tires is to feed the foams into the tire. Place the foam inside one corner and then work it around the inside of the tire so that it is flat and even on all sides.

With the foam in it is time to mount the tire on the rim. Slide the rim on the inside and push it through.

You will want t to move the tire around the rim so that the tires fit inside the groove of the rim.

It is now time to glue. Keep in mind that too much will cause a spill over. Pull the tire off of the rim a little bit and place the glue in a line. Replace the tire and press down. This capillary action from the rim will move the glue around. Turn the wheel ΒΌ turn and glue the next unglued portion until all side are glued.

With one side of the tire glued, place it face up to dry completely. Let the tire rest until the glue is dry. Then glue the other side.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oosrh8xQKDA&w=480&h=360]

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