RC FAQs: How To Paint A Shell or Body (Squirrel’s Way) by Squirrel

How to paint a RC body

There are many ways on how to paint a shell. There is the tape method which is ok. Personally, I don’t like it as the lines can bleed through and not be crisp. Then there are the masks. If you do these then get the vinyl ones. They are like taping, only they are like stickers and seal better. The third way, and the ones that I prefer, involve using parma masking or Bob Dively masking. For this walk through I will be using Bob. If you want to post a thread on the others then please do! :( We would all like to read it!!!

The liquid masks are a thick liquid that can be airbrushed or brushed onto the inside of a shell. The liquid paste dries and new coats can be applied. Typically you will want to apply 2 to 3 layers. The reason why I prefer Bob over Parma is that the lines come out better and the liquid mask can be applied and used within 7 days. Parma you almost have to use immediately or else it will not be as pliable or easy to work with.

What you will need:
-a brush
-a hobby knife
-Painters tape, masking tape
-masks or decals
-bob dively
-lexan scissors- http://www.thetoyz.com/search2.lasso?keyword=lexan+scissors
-body reamer- http://www.thetoyz.com/search2.lasso?keyword=reamer

Step 1

The first stage is optional. Some people do this and some don’t. I personally prefer to cut my body out first. I want to ensure that the body will fit, the mounting holes are where they should be, get the antenna hole perfect, and make the air hole/ cooling hole in the windshield for a nitro or vent duct for an electric.

Step 2

This step involves washing the body and drying it on the inside. You want to clean the body for the best possible application of the paint.

Step 3

In this step you apply the masking. The first step can be a light one. You eventually want to have the stuff some what thick though as it is easier to remove. Let the stuff completely dry prior to adding another coat.

Posted Image

Step 4

In this step you draw the design on the outside of the body. I use a permanent marker. If you mess up then take some isopropal alcohol and a paper tower and then wipe it off. Be sure to wait for the isopropal to dry or you will be looking for a  new marker!!!

You may also want to plan the painting process at this time. You can use both stickers/ decals and the bob dively. I do it all the time. But, keep in mind that you will want to position the stickers on the lexan and plan for it by removing that section and when you want to paint it.

Step 5

This is where we cut the inside of the body/ masking. You can use a hobby knife, scalpel, pocket knife, or anything with a sharp blade. Simply trace the lines that you drew on the body with the blade.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Step 6

In this step you have the masking dry, lines drawn, and the masking cut up. All you have to do now is remove the masking in the area that you want to paint, paint it, and remove the next area of masking. It is that simple!

Posted Image

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