RC FAQs: How to solder dual battery adapters for single ESCs by Squirrel

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In other threads I show how you can make an adapter that attaches to your ESC to allow two battery packs in series. This allows you to use a single pack or to combine packs to combine voltages to the ESC. Some kits allow you to run two packs at once. Some of the electric monster kits, like the Emaxx, BL Revo, Flux, Summit, and many more. In fact, as brushless RC becomes more popular then so does the appeal for multi pack configurations.

The benefit to this guide is that you will be able to run dual packs off of your ESC without having to remember to bring the adapter along with you.

What will you need?

-1 ESC to wire
-1 male pigtail with the connector of your choice
– 1 male connector


This is what a series adapter looks like:

ImageThe female end of the adapter will be the ESC. Both of the ESC wires will be used. The red will be to the positive side and the black will be the return on the opposite side of the adapter. For simplicity, a pigtail can save time. One side of the pigtail should be de-soldered and removed. Then it is just a matter of soldering the red ESC wire to the spare connector, the pigtail to the opposite side of the spare connector, and then the black wire of the ESC to the pigtail. This will join all cells in series.


So, first you will want to remove the black wire from the pigtail. This will leave you with the red wire on the positive end.


Next, start soldering. Solder the pigtail’s wire onto the connector. Then solder the ESC red wire onto the same connector. Be sure to solder the red ESC wire to the positive side and the pigtail to the negative side.


And the last step is to solder the black ESC end onto the only remaining spot. This is the negative side of the pigtail’s connector. When done, your adaptor will look like this:


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